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MAS Licensing Support

Obtain MAS licenses with our proficient support in your application.

MAS Regulatory Compliance

Comprehensive outsourced regulatory compliance and MAS regulatory compliance support on demand.

Investment Solutions

Off-the-shelf and bespoke support in asset allocation, portfolio construction and risk management.

Internal Audit

Professional, independent, focused and practical risk management




Starting an EAM in Singapore

External or independent asset managers and multi-family offices require a license for fund management and, in most instances, also obtain an exemption from the requirement to hold a license for financial advisory to carry out their services in Singapore. Although the terms are not conclusively defined, external or independent asset managers (“EAMs” or “IAMs”) provide

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Building Relationships and AUM through Digital Marketing

The ability for financial service providers to run relationship management activities was unexpectedly interrupted during the global pandemic. Like all businesses, online interaction has become increasingly central to relationship management. Sourcing sticky AUM via in-person relations will continue to be extremely limited and challenging if not near impossible. As available face time between relationship managers

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Internal control environment after COVID-19

As business gradually returns to normal, companies large and small have begun to deal with a host of financial and operational issues that have been adversely impacted during the Circuit Breaker. Importantly, senior management should evaluate the operating effectiveness of the internal control environment by assessing the risk level and materiality of the actual disruptions

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The Validity of Digital Signatures

The recent pandemic has arguably forced social distancing into the core of all business activities. These include activities where clients and customers are required to engage and interact with their customers digitally. This means that the customer is not able to engage in the physical presence of their relationship managers for matters such as execution

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Making Internal Audits Remote – The Way Forward

While remote working and communications has been possible in business for a long time already, COVID-19 pushed respective initiatives forward at many companies. We have become used to data sharing platforms and video conferencing. These are the same tools that enable your internal audit to be carried out remotely, without the need for your internal

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Why Consolidation is Such a Big Deal for IAMs

Cost is always the biggest concern for independent or external asset managers (“EAM”). It’s no longer a job but a business. As with all businesses there are start-up and on-going expenses involved. The overheads of running an independent setup are never cheap. One solution to keep cost low is to join a platform or joint venture

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